Commercial Litigation

Louisiana Business Dispute Resolution Lawyers

The competitive nature of the American marketplace often generates disputes between partners, shareholders, customers, and suppliers. Resolving disputes before they become expensive litigation matters is one of the most important jobs of an experienced business attorney. Successful dispute resolution and breach of contract litigation require experience, thorough knowledge of commercial law, and the ability to develop and propose clear solutions that make sense for all parties involved.

We Represent Companies of All Sizes

Hargrove, Smelley & Strickland is recognized for our expertise in the areas of title, regulatory and business dispute resolution. Our attorneys have extensive experience investigating business disputes, and understanding the principal concerns of the parties involved. Our experience includes negotiating resolutions and successfully litigating on behalf of businesses of all sizes, including many of the region’s most prominent oil and gas companies. Our lawyers have provided effective representation for individuals involved in simple property disputes with their partners, as well as serving as the lead defense team for large companies involved in complex stockholder derivative litigation.

Dispute Resolution and Commercial Litigation for Defendants and Plaintiffs:

  • Contract litigation
  • Class action lawsuit and group action defense
  • Commercial real estate litigation
  • Business fraud litigation
  • Mineral rights litigation

Sophisticated Resolutions for Complex Business Disputes

At Hargrove, Smelley & Strickland, clients come to us to resolve disputes and litigation matters that involve complex issues. Very rarely does a business dispute stem from a single issue that can be resolved with an obvious solution. Complex issues involving stockholder derivative suits, performance expectations, and joint ventures require extensive expertise in business law. We are known throughout the energy industry, in particular, for our understanding of multifaceted issues pertaining to exploration rights, royalties, energy marketing, and distribution law. Because we strive to build long-term relationships with our clients, we are able to find sophisticated solutions that are based on meeting the client’s objectives.

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